Brunch at The Great Chase

If there’s one thing I despise about working life – (amongst two thousand others), it’s the fact that it really does get in the way of brunch. As a millennial, I believe that eating brunch is not simply a luxury, but rather, a fundamental right – along with owning piles of avocados rather than houses, and requesting a bank loan to buy a delicious flat white. Indeed, for our pesky generation, any sense of responsibility or adulthood is overlooked by our urge to throw all our money into pancake batter, and drown all our problems under maple syrup.

For me, the last couple of months have been nothing short of agonising. Partly because I’ve been waiting for my next opportunity to brunch, and partly because I’ve been impatient to try one brunch dish in particular – the duck pancakes from The Great Chase.

Comprised of a crispy confit duck leg, duck egg, banana pancakes and maple gravy, this unique brunch plate sounded – in my mind, like the most heavenly blend of sweet and savoury to ever grace London’s (halal) brunch scene. Desperate to get my hands on it, I practically ordered a plate before Steak and I had even walked through the door, and to my delight, I was not disappointed. The tender duck fell off the bone in complete surrender, and carried a wonderful, rich flavour that worked in unison with the soft duck egg. The banana pancakes meanwhile – though not infused with a particularly strong banana flavour, remained perfectly fluffy, and soaked up the thick maple gravy in which they were doused. My only reservation however, was that the maple gravy could have been a little sweeter and richer, so as to better marry the duck to the pancakes, and add contrast to the dominating savoury elements on the plate.

Confit duck leg, banana pancakes, duck egg and maple gravy. (£16) *Must-Try*

Steak meanwhile, had opted for a plate of regular banana pancakes – served with a dollop of berry compote, a scoop of labneh, and a drizzle of maple syrup. Here, our tastebuds were ambushed and astounded by the strong, sharp zing of the berry compote, which harmonised with the smooth, creamy labneh, and the sweet, sticky syrup.

Banana pancakes, berries, labneh and maple syrup. (£11) *Must-Try*

Having concluded our third visit to The Great Chase, Steak and I sat back and wondered whether we would return again. Of course, at that moment, two mighty burgers were brought out to the table next to us, and as we glanced over at them, and then at each other, we knew that the answer would be a most definitive “yes”.

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Halal status: All of the food here is halal and tayyib, and all drinks are non-alcoholic.

The Great Chase
Address: 316 St John Street, Clerkenwell, London EC1V 4NT
Telephone: 020 7998 0640

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