Cuisine Campaign Map – Distant Shores

International Restaurant and Cafe Map

Holidays. A word that conjures up images of sunshine, exploration, discovery, and panic. Panic as you suck in your face at the passport desk to mimic a photo from far too many years ago, panic as you sprint to the departure gate like Usain Bolt on a diet of duracell batteries, and panic as you try to find halal places to eat at your destination before giving up and opting for a Fillet-O-Fish at McDonald’s. Whilst Steak And Teeth can’t help you with the first two (though a gym probably could), we can do our best to help you with the last.

This restaurant map will display both halal and non-halal restaurants and cafes in countries outside of the UK. The establishments on this map are grouped by destination rather than cuisine, (for obvious reasons), but are colour-coded by type of cuisine/establishment in the same way as our UK map. Whilst it is limited at present, it will hopefully include a variety of international destinations over the years to come.

For a map of restaurants and cafes in the UK, see the “Home Front” map, which can be found here:


Steak And Teeth

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